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The product is the essential element of a company’s success. Andrew’s Ties products are made in limited series, following the latest fashion trends.

The fabrics and the designs are the result of a continuous research that does not stop at the aesthetic appearance, but also reaches the internal structure of the tie.

Superior quality

Weaving is the perfect example of a valid synergy between high technology and the hand of man.

With the help of special cutting-edge machines, our experts produce silk, wool and cashmere fabrics of a superior quality.

Italian Style

The weaving, the patterns, the colors and the accuracy of the finishes are updated continuously by our stylists.

All this makes Andrew’s Ties ties and accessories testimonials for the “Italian Style” in the world.


The printing is the result of careful manual processing carried out using a wide range of colors, all natural. To guarantee perfect color stability and a pleasant softness to the touch, the piece is subjected to particular processes under the careful control of expert operators.

Corporate gift

The quality and elegance signed by Andrew’s Ties are now available for companies, organizations and associations that require “Corporate Gift” articles for business gifts or events, in fact we make ties and accessories with patterns, logos and labels customized to the customer’s taste.

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