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The most suitable tie

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The most suitable tie

You could think of something professional, but it’s not always like that. There are several options between ties, and sometimes the choice can be harder than you expected.


A job interview, a business meeting or a formal events, are all occasions whenever the colors of the tie should be neutral: black, gray, bordeaux or blue. As far as the fantasy is concerned, the choice is from the solid color to the micro-pattern. It is important to avoid logos or eccentric fantasies.

The most suitable are the silk ties with a bit of shine, they are a good way to vary from the most common aspect; or for a more casual and professional environment, a silk tie with a light texture is perfect.

For this type of occasions we recommended to you our ties “Extra Long Solid Color” “Background Blue Light Blue” “Extra Long Blue Light Blue” “Extra Long Blue White”.


Metallic colors and bright fabrics are the perfect choice for morning weddings. The contrary is if the ceremony will be in the evening, a dark solid colored tie, or a fine decoration that avoids making you look too flashy, would be ideal.

An element that can make you and your better half stand out regard the other guests at a wedding, without the necessity to dress like a harlequin, is to match the color of your accessories, just like your tie, to the dress of the person that is going with you at the wedding.

For this type of occasions we recommended to you our ties “Extra Long Solid Color” “Green Background” “Orange Background” “Vellutino Piccolo”.


If required, at the workplace the tie is always welcome, although the company environment allows for more casual clothing. “Repeated” print ties are a great way to add a touch of style to your outfits and can be worn easily during commons Friday nights, especially suitable if you like ties and you often wear them even on weekends.

For this type of occasions we recommended to you our ties “Pari Pari” “Pois” “Unito Diamantino” “Vellutino Piccolo”.


If you are going to a chic club that needs the classic evening dress, or if you have a first date on your agenda and it’s important for you to make a good impression, then you need a tie that can make you attractive and endearing.

For this type of occasions we recommended to you our ties “Avion Background” “Unito Diamantino” “Bordeaux Background” “Light Blue Background”.


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