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How to take care of your ties

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How to take care of your ties

Imagine to cross your legs several times a week, not even a regular ironing may not be able to prevent a quick damage on the material of your trousers. On the other hand, A silk tie sometimes endures it for years, but a minimum of treatment increases its life.

Some tricks to take care of it
It is very important to remove the node from the tie after each use in this way: loosen the tie, then remove it from the head and open it completely, after then wrap the tie around the hand and leave it lying down all night. The next morning you will notice that the folds will be gone; otherwise you have to iron it for two seconds.

To iron your tie properly, it is necessary a clean cotton or linen hankie between the iron and silk, trying to avoid stretching the sharp angles of the tie, because it will have to keep its shape and consistency as much as possible. The bending points of the tie should be treated only with steam, avoiding that the iron directly touches the tie. Depending on the type of tie fabric, to get the best result you need to know the right temperature:

– For a silk tie a low temperature;
– For a polyester tie a low temperature;
– For a wool tie a medium temperature;
– For a cotton tie an hight temperature.

It is also possible use the hot water in the bathtub and hang the tie in the steam that has been created.
Regarding the label, the correct position can be checked occasionally, because the fact that it can be detached isn’t a good thing, and it gives a bad impression of yourself if it is attached only by on one side or if it comes out.

Ties generally must be hung or placed in plan, the only exception are “rope” ties, it is better placed them horizontally to prevent them from untying; an home made solution, it consists of a hanger for clothes, where along the horizontal rod you can hang the ties, this solution does not take much space in the wardrobe, even if the smooth ties can fall to the floor, the important thing is to make sure that nothing can damage the fabric.

For a correct order it would be suitable to divide the hangers according to specific categories, as they could be for color or texture.

Regarding the way they should be hung, they shouldn’t be too close to each other in the wardrobe, because air has to circulate between them; they also need protection from sunlight, dust, humidity and sometimes even from moths. If you want to put it in a drawer, it would be correct to fold it or roll it up; the last method allows quick supervision and also takes care of the them, because if you roll up the ties, the fold points disappear.


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