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Extra long tie

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Extra long tie

The extra long tie gives a good impression on every man, it is able to blend elegance, professionalism and imagination. Over the years it has had a swinging path, but the image of an elegant man remains. It reaches a length of about 140-150 cm, with those extra long that can reach 165 cm, and its width has been slightly narrowed in the last few years up to 8,5 cm.

uses and dimensions

This length is given by the height of the person wearing it and the type of knot used. The first characteristic has a great influence on its length, it is recommended for people that are around or even exceeding 190 cm, so that after having knotted them, they reach the height of the trousers. The second factor affects even more, because a node with more passages than a simpler one requires a longer length.

The theme of ties receives a considerable attention respect to the choices made for daily clothing. According to those who understand it, a man’s tie should reach the belt at most, without ever exceeding it. There may be a connection between the tie, its length, and the male anatomy, which indicates a man’s desire to present positively his image.

A man who made a distinctive sign of an extra long tie is certainly Donald Trump; flamboyant, long and preferably scarlet, the color of power and the Republican party.

It seems that Donald Trump has a passion for Italian ties, made in Italy renowned throughout the world for tailoring and attention to detail.

As mentioned before, extra long ties should be used by who has a wide waist or a height above average, and he is a perfect example, the worst mistake a man can make is to wear a short tie. Donald Trump tends to exaggerate thinking that the opposite excess is preferable. And it distracts attention from the physical.


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