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Our 100% silk ties are handmade in Italy.
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100% Made in Italy

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Hand Made

Highest quality made ties, made from fine silk.
Our products have a smooth and flexible silk texture in the surface.

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Quality in Every Detail

We use high quality materials and make sure that all our ties are perfect, keep prices low by keeping an eye on all our manufacturing processes.

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Our products are produced with 100% Italian silk

Our ties are manufactured using traditional methods.We have a lot of silk tie patterns ranging from strongly modern to classy striped ties.

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Our ties are made of high quality materials. Our materials will never let you down, with our 100% silk ties you'll always get a great knot.The ADTies ties are made to be beautiful for a long time.
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Ideas, enthusiasm
and passion for
Made in Italy

The ANDREW’S TIES brand was founded in 1991 by Cravattificio Zadi Srl, a family-run company that thanks to the union of ideas, enthusiasm and passion for Made in Italy has revolutionized the “tie market” with an excellent quality ratio -price.

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