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A&D Ties / Blue Background With Red

Blue Background With Red


Choose from lightly patterned designs with red dots or themed prints, or opt for a classic and striped design.

For special occasions, make sure you have a suitable bow tie at the ready.

This tie features a design that is a great option to complete any outfit.

– Hand Made

– 100% silk

– Made in Italy



Factors to consider when wearing a Striped Tie

Neckties with other patterns than stripes requires more sensitivity when it comes to combining them with other clothes, but these ties also gives you more space for your own personal creativity to show.

The simplicity, structure and formality of a tie pattern delineated by stripes of equal or alternating thickness is something that many a gentleman’s wardrobe has embraced, and rightfully so.

It’s clean, concise and presentable; the exact characteristics we are looking to adorn our chests with the next time we walk into our office, deliver a game-changing presentation, are present at a pivotal company meeting, or are looking to make an impression outside of work.

Additional information

Dimensions150 × 8 cm

100% Silk




Cashmere design, Classic design, Micro design, Striped


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