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A&D Ties / Accessories
Bow ties ''pre tied''

Bow tie is a special type of tie in the shape of a bow, worn especially by men on formal occasions. The bow tie has Croatian roots reaching at least as far back as the 17th century. Croatian mercenaries used a type of neckwear (similar to a short scarf) to hold together the collars of their shirts.

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Bow Ties ''self tie''

The bow tie consists of a ribbon of fabric tied around the collar of a shirt in a symmetrical manner so that the two opposite ends form loops. An accessory that exudes great class and sophistication. There are generally three types of bow ties: the pre-tied, the clip on, and the self tie.

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A belt supports trousers or other articles of clothing. Belts have been documented as male clothing since the Bronze Age, Italian leather belts are quality hand made using only the finest of leather straps and top of the line belt buckles.

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The form of the cummerbund is a wide band around the waist, and its origin as part of black tie determined the acceptable colours. Once it was adopted as civilian dress, beginning as a largely summer option with informal dinner jackets, such as Burmese fawn and white, it was restricted to the narrow range of colours which accompany black tie.

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Our silk twill foulard is a classic, chic and refined women’s accessory that can be worn formally and informally around the neck, such as a head scarf, a headband, a necklace or a trendy scarf. Choose between different colors available to give a perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

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Our classic ascot stays true to the elegance and style the traditional ascot demands.
Explore our selection of silk ascots,available in many colors and designs, our ascot tieis a great way to not look sloppy but elegant, brought to you by our expert designers.Bring a touch of elegance and classic flavor to your evening attire with one of these ascots.

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Leather gloves are the perfect accessory to protect your hands from the winter weather, a practical way to embrace the warm style of this season with our range of gloves!
Add some personality to your wardrobe this winter; discover the style at hand with our collection of women’s gloves.

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Tie Clips

Andrew’s Ties tie clip is a simple twist on a classic look suitable for our ties, extremely economical and finished to a very high standard. This tie clip is a functional decoration and can reflect man’s elegant behavior and make man more tasty, more modern.

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The exclusive design A & D Ties cufflinks is the perfect addition, suitable for weddings, formal and work wear and a look with a blouse finish, the best gifts for men, spouses, father, boss, boyfriend, husband.
Quality cufflinks are a symbol of creativity, care and passion and a guarantee of quality for craftsmanship.

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Elastic Suspenders

The Andrew’s Ties solid color braces are an appropriate choice for all types of formal wear, under a blazer, a jumpsuit or a tuxedo, and are perfect even with a pair of distressed jeans.
The Andrew’sTies straps are an essential element for the man who wants to be recognized in every situation, available in many colors, with classic hook and button hook.

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