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Andrew's Ties - cravatte jacquard sfondo blu elettrico - dettaglio - detail

How to take care of your ties

Imagine to cross your legs several times a week, not even a regular ironing may not be able to prevent a quick damage on the material of your trousers. On the other hand, A silk tie sometimes endures it for years, but a minimum of...

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5 facts about the ties

The tie is a symbol of elegance, a fundamental element to distinguish an elegant man. It brings with it many facts that are not known to all, here you will find the five most significant and interesting ones....

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10 Essential Ties

There are several ways to tie a tie. Certain necktie knots should be used with certain shirt collars and tie fabric materials to get the best results for your appearance. Tying a tie is something every man should know how to do....

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Hand made

A&D Ties are beautiful and quality men ties, classic necktie that will never go out of style, with a satin finish, solid and striped color design style that is simple and versatile, solid hue to match anything in your wardrobe!...

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